EOS, art group exhibition

© Diethard Sohn 2019
Liberty is a woman, Acryl auf Baumwolle, 100 x 100 cm

03. März 2018 – 24. März 2018

In the ancient civilization of Egypt and Greece too, the woman preserved and protected the temples atmosphere, the sacred fire, the earth, the house. She was the guardian of this worship, the godly mother represented by the nature, but also the sexuality and fertility. So since the Palaeolithic period there was the necessity to create a feminine archetype, an omnipotent deity, a big mother who ruled all over the universe including men.

There was a time in which the female organs were also divinized. Thus, it is not a coincidence that in the archaic societies and during the Stone Age some stylised depictions, mostly made of clay or ivory, they came to light in all their beauty. These depictions represented women in all their fertile glory, as to reflect the increasing worship of the feminine fertility, of the Earth Goddess Mother, woman who gave birth to the sacred feminine. Indeed, recent archaeological discovers tell us about ancient societies, ruled only by women in a matriarchal system. Unlike what you might think the Sun was the female star par excellence, source of life, so much so in the Celtic and Druid civilizations and even today, the word “sun” in the German language is female (die Sonne). The eternal feminine is often mentioned improperly with reference to the woman charm and to the easiness with which man is subjected to her, indeed, the eternal feminine indicates the redemption. Without the woman power the man power wouldn’t exist and the human being society would lose as indeed it is losing its own importance and its value. Today’s society moving away from the sacred feminine gives evidence of it every day.

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Sala Mazzone, Vittoria

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